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Tallis Pop-up next week in Geneva

For some lovely holiday gift inspiration….xoxoxoTallis event

Happy New Year: for Clémence

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Happy 2014 everyone! Wishing everyone serenity, happiness and love. My first post of the year is dedicated to my adorable niece Clémence who inspired me to turn on my sewing machine again and make this bedding for. I hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Bonne année! Feliz ano novo! Buon anno!

Belated birthday


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This year my birthday was celebrated in quiet style, with lots of soft touches and pretty details. It is another year for me, but for my children another occasion to help blow out candles and eat yummy cake. They get more excited than I do. Everyone is happy.

Where has the time gone?


 Wow! Already mid-September! Since my last post the kids have gone back to school (thankfully!), the sunny weather has gone grey and rainy, and I have switched the kids clothes from summer to autumn!

I did attend some nice events last week including the ‘3 Swiss’ pop-up store at Cafe Gallay on the 8th September. My Little Room, l’Asticot and Tattyoo joined forces to present a selection of their products.


I managed to pick up some lovely items for my kids’ room (notably the rabbit lamp above) and to wear (see M wearing his new l’Asticot sweatshirt above). Of  course I could not leave without some cool temporary tattoos from Tattyoo. Sorry for the poor quality photos as my camera battery died on me while there!

Next up in the week was La Nuit des Bains, in the Quartier des Bains, Geneva 12 September. This event is held a few times a year and is always a success! The next one will be 20 March 2014.

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