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The Tallis: local Geneva luxury!

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I first met the makers of The Tallis at the Pop-up Corner event at the MAMCO (Geneva) in early December and fell in love with their beanies. I ended up getting a grey cashmere one with a sheepskin pompom and wear it every day! It is absolutely delicious, especially during these sub-zero days in Geneva! But the love does not stop there, just check out the other fury products available at The Tallis including versatile scarves and headbands. Best of all Tallis uses ethical fur , ie responsibly sourced or vintage fur that can be up-cycled.

The Tallis is having a preview of their AW 15/16 collection on 19th February at their Geneva showroom. Come check out their very cool products in preparation for next year’s cold!

TALLIS AW15 Preview Date

Other upcoming Tallis pop-up events include:

  • Globus (Geneva, Place du Molard) pop-up 9 – 14th Feb
  • à ma fille (Rolle) month long promotion – from 6th March – 6th April
  • Verbier pop-up 7/8 March
  • Chamonix pop-up 14/15 March

Photo credits: The Tallis


Grand opening of l’asticot in Geneva

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I was able to attend the grand opening of l’asticot’s flagship store in Geneva and was really impressed at the design of the store. I had a nice chat with Inga, one of the brand’s partners, who explained the concept of the store’s design. The center isle serves as the thematic representation of the clothing collection on display. This A/W 2014-2015’s theme is ‘From Russia with Love’ so the mini-city (made entirely out of carton) shows iconic Soviet era buildings and scenes. Underneath the display area is a space for kids to play while parents are busy checking out the clothes. Very cool.

Also something that I really like about l’asticot is the environmently-friendly approach of the brand and the fact that all the clothes are manufacturered in Portugal…

Visit l’asticot at rue des Etuves 10, Geneva.

L’Asticot in Geneva!






The Swiss (Geneva-based) brand, l’asticot, has opened its first flagship store at rue des Etuves 10 (Geneva). I first met Inga Aellen, creator of l’asticot, at Playtime Paris last year. This Fall, for l’asticot’s AW2014 collection — From Russia With Love, the alumni from the HEAD (Haut Ecole d’Art et de Design) created a Russian city halfway between fantasy and reality for the store, based on monumental and emblematic buildings from the former Soviet Union. Looks great and I can’t wait to visit the store.

Well done Inga!

Photo credits: l’asticot



Knot.just for kids?

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Yes, I know, it has been a looooong time! Life gets in the way of practicing our hobbies! More on that another day. Today I wanted to introduce to you another Portuguese brand for children: Knot.just for kids?

The Knot brand stands for the concept of family and family ties. The clothes are sophisticated and simple. Most importantly for me they are convieved, designed, and produced in Portugal. They have an online shop, stores through out Portugal and a Knot corner at Barney’s NY.

Off to enjoy the Spring weather in Geneva….