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Marché sans puces!

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I attended the latest edition of the Marché sans puces (5 Dec 2013) at the Genev’ ArtSpace. It was a great evening (although we had a difficult time finding the venue). We saw some familiar faces and met new people. First up (above) was our friend at Sérendipité.ch, importing the coolest maganizes from around the globe. I managed to pick up the latest copy of TocTocToc which I’m really enjoying.

I also got the chance to meet Marion from the Geneva-based blog La Maison de Colette. She was presenting her collaboration with Nou C’est Doux: Le Gilet, folk ethnic chic enfant (below). The vest comes in two different designs: Liberty and Wax and sizes run from 2 to 6 years old. Congratulations to Marion on her new adventure! 
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Next up was Lulaloo {paper stuff} (above). Lulaloo presented very cute paper products for all types of events (great for Christmas). They also make art prints that are lovely to frame and hang anywhere in the home. Also nice is that a portion of their proceeds go to an NGO to help underprivileged children across Latin America.

Last but not least, Magali Riom presented her collection of handbags that are made from vintage or used clothing (what a great idea!). Magali takes the most interesting part of clothing (ie, lace, prints, etc) and transforms it into a bag that can be worn 3 different ways. She takes custom orders so that bags are one of a kind. So bring you old clothes to her for a new life!

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This week at home

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As mentioned in the last post, I attended Les Jours Vintage at Palexpo. One of the stands was  sérendipité.ch, a website that brings to you publications that cannot be found on normal newsstands in Switzerland. But not just any publications, beautifully illustrated lifestyle magazines that celebrate the non-conventional way people live. I picked up the latest issue of Anthology and have been making my way through it all week.

In celebration of Les Jours Vintage, here are some glimpses of some vintage pieces (or vintage inspired) in my kids’ rooms. One of my last finds has been the New York in a bag (iconic NYC figures in wood), picked up at the MOMA store on a recent trip to New York. Too cute to resist.

Have a great weekend!

Etsy find: TheRawSupplyCo

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Gorgeous is how I would describe The Raw Supply Co. on Etsy. All their products are real vintage finds, you don’t even want to use them, just display them. Where bottle labels, spools of yarn, or medallions are collectables. Makes you want to have lived during that time. Why can’t things today be like that? Most packaging we just throw away. The Raw Supply Co.’s products seem to have a story behind them which you want to discover. Again I would add these items to my birthday wish list.

Photo credits: The Raw Supply Co.

PS. this week I am in Nairobi, Kenya so look for some posts on that.

Children behaving badly: les enfants terribles





















How to describe Les enfants terribles (LET)? Well…not terrible, but actually really cool. The pics above capture just a selection of all the different things you can find at LET. From refurbished vintage, to industrial, to Scandinavian, to wine and light eats, you can’t go wrong. Some of my favorite brands include Ferm Living, a Danish design brand offering textiles for grown-ups and children. LET carries items from their children’s line including The Marionette Collection, the Dorm shelving, and the display boxes. LET also has a wide selection of industrial lighting, along with classics like Jielde in a range of beautiful colors (I bought the green one!).

The space is constantly changing and each time you go you will find things in different places along with new items. The store is also an ‘atelier’ where serious refurbishing takes place. As a huge fan of vintage children’s chairs, I love how the chair above was transformed by painting it purple and adding a suede back to it, very clever. Finally, you can have something to eat and drink at the café while you are looking around.