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Battistella: Italian furniture design for kids

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Happy New Year everyone, I think I am still in time to wish everyone that!

The resolutions for my blog remain the same as last year, so I won’t repeat those, but just try my hardest!

I start off this year’s posts with a wonderful children’s furniture design group called Battistella. Just look at the clean lines and beautiful primary colours that they use. Makes us all wish that our kids’ rooms looked that tidy and organized!

Battistella is an Italian company based in the province of Treviso. Not only do they produce beds and desks, but also very smart modular systems that can be customized as needed.

In Switzerland, Battistella can be ordered through: SPECTRA HANDELS AG, Tel: +41 79 444 64 28.

Photo credits: Battistella


Rose Minuscule

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Rose Minuscule are the loveliest little rabbit dolls that I have ever seen, and like their name indicates they are TINY! The attention to detail is so charming and I couldn’t resist offering one to Valentina for her 4th birthday. I have to say that I actually put her rabbit on a shelf up high as I’m so afraid that it will be ruined, but they are just so delicate. Laurence makes a limited number of rabbits every few months and you have to watch her blog to know when new ones will be available. Once they are available you have to get yours quick as they sell out very fast.

PS: Yes, I’m still around, just very busy with family life and thinking over a new project!

Photo credits: Rose Minuscule

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Looping Home

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It’s been awhile since I posted on an Etsy shop, so I was happy to find one based in Portugal. As you may know, my heritage is Portuguese hence why I decided to give my blog a Portuguese name. Looping Home is a mother and daughter shop based outside of Evora. Designer Ana, is a fine arts major, and she describes her household designs as simple and minimal. She uses zpagetti, a recycled yarn of the Portuguese textile industry, for her productions. I especially like the black yarn necklace, very chic!

Have a good weekend everyone!

This week at home

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As mentioned in the last post, I attended Les Jours Vintage at Palexpo. One of the stands was  sérendipité.ch, a website that brings to you publications that cannot be found on normal newsstands in Switzerland. But not just any publications, beautifully illustrated lifestyle magazines that celebrate the non-conventional way people live. I picked up the latest issue of Anthology and have been making my way through it all week.

In celebration of Les Jours Vintage, here are some glimpses of some vintage pieces (or vintage inspired) in my kids’ rooms. One of my last finds has been the New York in a bag (iconic NYC figures in wood), picked up at the MOMA store on a recent trip to New York. Too cute to resist.

Have a great weekend!