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Year in review

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What a past year filled with colour and great memories! Although I haven’t had the time to keep up with the blog as I originally hoped to, it is still a great way to capture important events in our lives and present beautiful family design finds and meet the great people behind them! My 2014 schedule doesn’t look like it will be any calmer then 2013’s, but I look forward to the new adventures it may bring!

This week at home

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As mentioned in the last post, I attended Les Jours Vintage at Palexpo. One of the stands was  sérendipité.ch, a website that brings to you publications that cannot be found on normal newsstands in Switzerland. But not just any publications, beautifully illustrated lifestyle magazines that celebrate the non-conventional way people live. I picked up the latest issue of Anthology and have been making my way through it all week.

In celebration of Les Jours Vintage, here are some glimpses of some vintage pieces (or vintage inspired) in my kids’ rooms. One of my last finds has been the New York in a bag (iconic NYC figures in wood), picked up at the MOMA store on a recent trip to New York. Too cute to resist.

Have a great weekend!

Weekend celebration and knitting

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I hope you had a lovely weekend! We had some belated birthday celebration with cake and champagne and great ski weather on Saturday. Not much time though to work on the blog…

For those of you in Geneva, I wanted to tell you about Knit a Bit, located at 8, Rue de la Faucille, 1201 Geneva. Ursina Ramondetto has set up shop in the Grottes neighborhood where she exhibits her creations and opens the space for knitting workshops. Ursina helps and teaches novice knitters to get started and see their projects through to completion. Perhaps I need to stop by with my Cast-away-scarf one of these days!

A little colour for a grey day…

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What a grey day outside, so we decided to add some colour today. I made this bedding for Vale using Coton Petite Pivoine rouge from Petit Pan. Petit Pan offers a great range of children’s fabrics for bedding and crafting that quickly liven up any room. Vale loves her Petit Pan cover so much that I made one for her baby in Coton Coquelicot prune. The baby’s bed is vintage 50’s which I repainted in fire engine red.

You can find Petit Pan fabric in Geneva at Les 3 Pinces.