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New Etsy Find: INKKIT

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Inkkit is a great Etsy store that provides a large range of paperie, stationery, packaging and ribbons. It is also the home of the famous twig pencil seen here. Twig pencils come a large variety of designs and sizes and would make great party favors for your children’s birthdays.

The library cards above also take me back to my childhood checking out books at our local library. I also love the black doilies which I would use to decorate a dinner table or as a gift tag. So many possibilites, so little time!

Inkkit openned shop on Etsy in 2011 and is based out of New Mexico.

From Switzerland with love…Tattyoo

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We had fun this weekend trying out new temporary tattoos from Tattyoo. These tattoos are great for both little ones and big people too. I was even more excited to learn that Tattyoo comes from Geneva and designs are from new and renowned artists!

My son tried out the pirate series, which was a great hit, while my daughter went for sweet hearts, birds and butterflies. Katia from Tattyoo was kind enough to also send me The Musicians, which we will try when the weather gets a bit warmer and we can show more skin.

Congratulations as well to Tattyoo who produced the official tattoos for the last Playtime Paris!

You can find Tattyoo in Geneva at Au Chien Blue among other stores, or order them directly online. Happy Tattyooing!

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Weekend celebration and knitting

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I hope you had a lovely weekend! We had some belated birthday celebration with cake and champagne and great ski weather on Saturday. Not much time though to work on the blog…

For those of you in Geneva, I wanted to tell you about Knit a Bit, located at 8, Rue de la Faucille, 1201 Geneva. Ursina Ramondetto has set up shop in the Grottes neighborhood where she exhibits her creations and opens the space for knitting workshops. Ursina helps and teaches novice knitters to get started and see their projects through to completion. Perhaps I need to stop by with my Cast-away-scarf one of these days!

Be my Valentine…Valentina










Today is dedicated to my eternal Valentine, my daughter. Her name doesn’t do her justice but it is a start…One day she will be someone else’s Valentine, but for now she is mine.

I am not forgetting my other two Queridos, but from them I expect lots of chocolates and flowers! Perhaps some photos tomorrow?

I hope everyone enjoys today…