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Les Moustaches de Charlie: everything old is new again!

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Who is Charlie, and what is so special about his mustache? Well lucky for us, the brains (and hands) behind Charlie is Isabelle de Lalène and she does not have a mustache! What she does have is a great idea and talent which caught Queridos’ eye right away! Les Moustaches de Charlie is a refreshing shop that up-cycles furniture and gives it a new, modern, and funky life. Why discard furniture just because it has lost its ‘modernity’? Isabelle will breathe new life into it with the sweep of a (non-toxic) paint brush! Isabelle offers ready-made pieces in her atelier-boutique, but can also restore furniture which you have. She also rents out her atelier for those interested in DIY, and will soon start giving lessons of furniture restoration (I can’t wait).

More impressively, Isabelle learned her furniture restoration skills in Rome during a Eramus year, although her background is in Political Economy. Sometimes the most creative people come from backgrounds far from design!

After seeing some of Isabelle’s work I was inspired to pick up my paint brushes again and revisit my daughter’s furniture which is all from the 50’s and 60’s. Another post will follow on her room in the weeks ahead.

In the meantime, you can find Les Moustaches de Charlie in Renens. Watch this great interview about Charlie on YouTube.

Images courtesy of Les Moustaches de Charlie

PS: It has been hectic around here these days so I apologize for not posting more. Next week we will be off for our family adventure in LA and NYC so lots to prepare for that!

London Part 3: Columbia Road

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On the Sunday morning of my London weekend, I headed to Columbia Road Flower Market to take in all the beautiful colours and sents. What ended up happening was that I focused instead on everything BUT the flowers as you can see from my photos! I loved all the little shops featuring vintage anything (God save the Queen) and just took in the street vibe including some entertainment. I stopped in a fabric store and picked up some lovely trimmings which I will be using soon in my designs. A really nice start to the day!

The last part (4) of my London weekend coverage will feature the Meet the Bloggers Design Tour on Portobello Road.

London Part 2: ME London Hotel

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As mentioned yesterday, the Meet the Blogger conference was held at the newly opened ME London Hotel. This hotel is in the former BBC Radio building, and the top floor bar (with panoramic view of London) is a tribute to this heritage. The hotel architecture is triangular and the reception is found on the 1st floor in the central atrium topped with a skylight. Colour tones are kept neutral and the style is sleek and minimalist. Definitely a stylish way to stay when in London!

Part III of my London weekend series will feature my tour of the Columbia Road Flower Market.

London calling…London called Part 1

So it is Tuesday after my 48 hours in London (I needed Monday to recover). I almost didn’t make it there as my flight into City Airport was cancelled due to fog: surprise, surprise! Luckily I was able to get the next flight to Heathrow and crisis averted! I arrived late in the afternoon and after dropping my bag at my hotel I hopped into a taxi and headed to none other than Liberty!


I spent 3 hours touring the whole shop like a kid in a candy store! It was heaven and I only stopped for a light dinner and got right back to shopping! As I was going to be busy with the Meet the Blogger London conference the rest of the weekend, there wasn’t much time for gift shopping later. I fully enjoyed the experience but I won’t post many pictures as they are gifts for family and friends!

DSC_1874 Meet the Blogger began on Saturday morning. This was the 3rd edition of the conference, which was previously held in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. The keynote speaker was Yvonne Eijkenduijn from the blog She was very inspirational and was able to define exactly what blogging is: making a living out of living. That’s brilliantly put!


8551800811_6a0779af3b_mThe rest of the day featured workshops on photography, furniture revamping, and design terminology. We also had a presentation by one of the sponsors on colour trends for 2013.

Apart from all the learning, it was great to meet the lovely ladies who attended, some of whom I already follow their blogs. Many are even students in Blog Boss just like me so we get to live this experience all together. A big hug goes out to them and I hope to see you soon!

This was just the 1st part of my London feature this week. Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of the ME Hotel which hosted the event.

Photo credit of Yvonne: Yeshen Venema