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Springtime in New York

We were really lucky this time for our trip to New York, mostly sunny skies and no rain! This makes walking around with kids that much easier. It also makes for admiring New York and it’s budding greenery.

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One of the biggest treats for the kids was taking yellow cabs. My daughter found it fascinating that we can get into strangers’ cars and they would take us to where we wanted to go. They also loved walking over the Brooklyn  Bridge and taking the boat ride around Manhattan.

My next post will focus on the fun things to do with the kids and some cool stores for them!

Have a nice week.


New York, New York

 DSC_0197DSC_0068I’m originally from the New York area but don’t get to go back very often since having kids. The last time we were there was almost 4 years ago and at that time the City seemed to be cast in a dark shadow with the financial crisis having hit and people losing their jobs.

 This time we found New York to be alive again and in full swing. It also helped that spring had arrived and the trees were budding and sun shining (most days). I will cover our family trip in 3 themed posts, including street views, children’s stores and outings, and grown-up stores and dining out. A little bit for everyone.


 main-logo[1]First up though is MySuites. When visiting cities for an extended amount of time I prefer to stay in an apartment as it is a lot more cozy and welcoming than a hotel room. Moreover, I planned to have a babysitter in the evenings, so the extra space was essential for the kids to fall asleep while she was there. In my internet search I stumbled upon a new concept for apartment rentals called MySuites. MySuites began in 2008 in the City’s NoMad district and the concept was simple: create stylish boutique apartments from and for designers coming to Manhattan. I loved the idea given the topic of my blog, so I booked the Standard Suite in the Meat Packing District. The all-white suite has a mezzanine with a double bed for the parents and cots were put in for the kids. It also has a fully equipped kitchen in case you need to cook!

 I didn’t know the Meat Packing area very well before, so it was a perfect occasion to discover another part of the City. Some very cool finds were the Chelsea Market Concourse, filled with food and beverage shops and always packed with people, The Gansevoort Hotel and its Toy Restaurant (we had breakfast there), and the High Line, a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above Manhattan’s West Side.

 Another advantage of staying in this area is that it is a nice walk down to the West Village and Soho. More on that in the next post.

A start to a new week

field photoWhen I started blogging a few months ago I didn’t realize the amount of time and energy it takes to keep it going! It has been a challenge to manage my day job, the blog and creating my bedding, not to mention family life!

This weekend we went for a walk to the playground and on the way I snapped this picture of the beautiful field by our home. We are so lucky to be able to have such lovely countryside where we live and to take a few moments to enjoy it while it lasts!

This week on the blog I will focus on our New York City trip and share some of the great finds!

Have a nice week!


Well it is still raining in Geneva…what else is new? At least we have some colourful kids clothes to keep us cheerful!

A few weeks ago I stopped by Marshmalo in Geneva to check out the new SS 2013 collection for boys and girls. Sisters Mojgan and Mitra have selected a great collection for us this season!

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The sisters describe this new collection as very colourful, funky and fresh. You can find the some of my favorite labels here including Finger in the Nose (they have great boys clothes), Bellerose, TroiZenfantS and Hartford. I asked Mojgan to tell me her favorites from the collection (hard to do!): The Hartford dresses and linen tops for girls and boys; the Bellerose layering pieces, and the ethnic pieces in the Swildens collection.

Some of my favorites are the Super Funky dress and the boy’s retro T-shirt from Bellerose, both above. Marshmalo began in September 2010 and is located in the centre of Geneva.

Tomorrow will be busy as we celebrate my son’s 5th birthday and we go check out the Puces du Design! Have a nice weekend!