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New York with kids

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There is plenty to do in New York with children as I came to find out this time around. New York has actually become a lot more family friendly in the last decade, but more noticeably in the last 5 years. Although the ultimate family playground is Central Park, we actually found lots of playgrounds for the kids spread out around town and Brooklyn. This made touring the City a lot more bearable for the kids: as soon as they got restless in their strollers, voilá, a playground magically appeared to help them release some built up energy.  Here’s a rundown of some of my most memorable activities for kids:

1. Central Park Zoo and the Reservoir (Valentina loved the view)

2. Washington Square Park playground

3. Jane’s Carousel in DUMBO

4. New York Children’s Museum

5. Natural History Museum

In terms of shopping for kids, I found 4 super cool kids’ stores spread out in downtown Manhattan .

1. Yoya, 636 Hudson Street

2. Sweet William, 85 Kenmare Street

3. Pomme, 243 Elizabeth Street

4. Piccolini, 230 Mulberry Street

My final article will be on NYC for the big kids! Have a nice start to the week.

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Etsy Craft Party: in Zurich


I’m really happy to see the Etsy community in Switzerland organizing a craft party on June 20th in Zurich! Etsy Craft Parties are a global celebration of meeting and making and parties are organized all over the world. This year’s theme is craft for community. The Zurich party will focus on recycling and upcycling. The event will take place from 17h30 to 20h30 at the “Werkstatt” at Schindlergut GZ. All potential profits will be given to Tischlein Deck Dich.

Only 35 participants can attend and if you are interested in joining, you can register here. For those of you attending I will be providing discount coupons to my Etsy shop.

I wish I could attend but unfortunately going from Geneva to Zurich during the week is a bit hectic, but I wish everyone happy crafting!

Weekend recap

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Who says that nature does not influence us? After the sun finally came out on Sunday, I realized where my inspiration has been coming from! I have added three new products to my Etsy shop: two violet toddler duvet covers, each with its own twist, and my first flat sheet of the season in a green slate colour. With the weather changing for the better this week, I was motivated to finally put this sheet on the shop.

My little V even took part of the photo shoot and was nice enough to lend me her doll’s bed and her Jess Brown doll. She is now my official assistant.

I hope you like these new items as much as I liked making them! You can find them here. Have a wonderful sunny week.