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Random thoughts for October

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The grey autumn skies of Geneva are starting to settle in and I am bracing myself for the gloom of November (the worst month of the year). Hard to believe that summer was just a few weeks ago. So I decided to cheer myself up with a beautiful picture of Geneva Lake  taken from atop of the ferris wheel during the summer festival. At least there are also some autumn flowers still in bloom. We have a new family tradition on weekends, Ô CALM, in Carouge. The kids look forward to their pancakes! Last week, V’s class had an art exhibit with the children’s artwork, and this is just one of her masterpieces. Excellent weekend!

Etsy find: TheRawSupplyCo

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Gorgeous is how I would describe The Raw Supply Co. on Etsy. All their products are real vintage finds, you don’t even want to use them, just display them. Where bottle labels, spools of yarn, or medallions are collectables. Makes you want to have lived during that time. Why can’t things today be like that? Most packaging we just throw away. The Raw Supply Co.’s products seem to have a story behind them which you want to discover. Again I would add these items to my birthday wish list.

Photo credits: The Raw Supply Co.

PS. this week I am in Nairobi, Kenya so look for some posts on that.

Birthday wish list

So my birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I am already thinking of what would be on my wish list. My first wish would be to have more space to put beautiful things in. Second, the objects below would definitely be in that space. They are designed by Caroline Gomez, who describes her designs as natural and slow.   All the products are handmade in France and the simplicity is what makes them so beautiful. Caroline is not only a designer but photographer and artistic director. She is also behind the publication SLO.

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Next up would be these products from the website Neest. I love this website as it takes the most daily used object and makes it into a piece of art. From a simple pale to a tea kettle, they make you want to display them for all to see. I am lusting over a pair of scissors below which I am sure would motivate me to start my sewing again.

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Well, this is a wish list, so let’s see who is paying attention! Have a nice week.