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This week at home

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As mentioned in the last post, I attended Les Jours Vintage at Palexpo. One of the stands was  sérendipité.ch, a website that brings to you publications that cannot be found on normal newsstands in Switzerland. But not just any publications, beautifully illustrated lifestyle magazines that celebrate the non-conventional way people live. I picked up the latest issue of Anthology and have been making my way through it all week.

In celebration of Les Jours Vintage, here are some glimpses of some vintage pieces (or vintage inspired) in my kids’ rooms. One of my last finds has been the New York in a bag (iconic NYC figures in wood), picked up at the MOMA store on a recent trip to New York. Too cute to resist.

Have a great weekend!

Autumn in Geneva

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The light outside this time of year is just gorgeous! I wish we had more days like this during the weekend. Saturday we spent it at the park, and my two monkeys had fun climbing trees and sliding down the slide head first. The view on the lake is breathe-taking from there and serves as a great backdrop for riding your scooter. Have a lovely week!

PS: did get to visit the Vintage Fair this weekend and made some interesting discoveries. Watch this space…

Belated birthday


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This year my birthday was celebrated in quiet style, with lots of soft touches and pretty details. It is another year for me, but for my children another occasion to help blow out candles and eat yummy cake. They get more excited than I do. Everyone is happy.