Grand opening of l’asticot in Geneva

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I was able to attend the grand opening of l’asticot’s flagship store in Geneva and was really impressed at the design of the store. I had a nice chat with Inga, one of the brand’s partners, who explained the concept of the store’s design. The center isle serves as the thematic representation of the clothing collection on display. This A/W 2014-2015’s theme is ‘From Russia with Love’ so the mini-city (made entirely out of carton) shows iconic Soviet era buildings and scenes. Underneath the display area is a space for kids to play while parents are busy checking out the clothes. Very cool.

Also something that I really like about l’asticot is the environmently-friendly approach of the brand and the fact that all the clothes are manufacturered in Portugal…

Visit l’asticot at rue des Etuves 10, Geneva.

L’Asticot in Geneva!






The Swiss (Geneva-based) brand, l’asticot, has opened its first flagship store at rue des Etuves 10 (Geneva). I first met Inga Aellen, creator of l’asticot, at Playtime Paris last year. This Fall, for l’asticot’s AW2014 collection — From Russia With Love, the alumni from the HEAD (Haut Ecole d’Art et de Design) created a Russian city halfway between fantasy and reality for the store, based on monumental and emblematic buildings from the former Soviet Union. Looks great and I can’t wait to visit the store.

Well done Inga!

Photo credits: l’asticot



So long Ethiopia…until next time

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Just spent one week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for work and managed to snap a few pictures while there. Apologies for the quality of the photos, but the conditions were not ideal. We visited an Orthodox church and the local market for fabric shopping, and I managed to attract some local inspiring models to pose for me. They were just lovely. Until next time when I can better explore this beautiful country with its beautiful people.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Rose Minuscule

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Rose Minuscule are the loveliest little rabbit dolls that I have ever seen, and like their name indicates they are TINY! The attention to detail is so charming and I couldn’t resist offering one to Valentina for her 4th birthday. I have to say that I actually put her rabbit on a shelf up high as I’m so afraid that it will be ruined, but they are just so delicate. Laurence makes a limited number of rabbits every few months and you have to watch her blog to know when new ones will be available. Once they are available you have to get yours quick as they sell out very fast.

PS: Yes, I’m still around, just very busy with family life and thinking over a new project!

Photo credits: Rose Minuscule